Kidzone Fees

Kidzone Policies

  1. Kidzone tuition fees are calculated per semester as per the Kidzone calendar.

  2. If a student is enrolled into the program during the semester, the Kidzone fee payable will be calculated on a pro-rata basis for the number of sessions remaining in the semester.
  3. Fees for the semester, are payable within 48 hours of enrolment. Enrolment is only confirmed when AIS/Kidzone (“the School”) receives the payment in full and must be paid prior to a student’s first class; failure to do so may result in the student’s place being forfeited.
  4. Please note that payment by cash for fees is no longer accepted.
  5. Instruction for payment of fees by bank transfer should reference the booking number and the student’s name. The payer is liable for all bank charges. Documentary proof of payment by bank transfer must be provided to the School. 6. Fees (or part fees thereof) are not refundable once the course has started. This includes voluntary withdrawal and missed classes due to student’s vacations, student’s school holiday, days off from school, bad weather, illness or lack of interest, etc.
  6. Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable for the following semester.
  7. If a student can no longer continue with the course, through illness or injury, fees will be refunded on a pro-rata basis when supported by a doctor’s note. Please note an administration charge may apply.
  8. If Kidzone cancels a class, a make-up class will be scheduled. If the student does not attend the make-up class, the fee for that lesson will be lost.
  9. The School will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury that may occur whilst on the premises.
  10. Parents must be responsible for their child/ren at all times.
  11. In the event that all or part of the program is closed temporarily or permanently due to pandemic, terrorism or for any other reason, the School will not be liable to refund any fees it has received.

Kidzone Calendar

Kidzone Liability Waiver