Li’x Kix Swimming

Length: 30 minutes per class Ratio: 3:1

Lil Kix Swimming provides students between the ages of 3 and 6 with confidence in the water and basic swimming techniques. Lessons are led by experienced swimming instructors. Students will not only have fun through various games and activities, they will also develop necessary skills and confidence in swimming. There are 3 different groups for this level.

STARFISH 1/ Ages: 3+ 

This is a great class for students who are nervous or beginners. No previous swimming lesson or aquatic experience is required. We focus on becoming comfortable in and under the water for children to be happy with the teacher. Parents can participate if needed to support the student in the first few weeks.

STARFISH 2/ Ages: 3+ 

This class is for students who are confident and comfortable in the water. We focus on water safety, independence, and introducing skills in and under the water like breathing control, blowing bubbles, front/back floating and kicking.

ANGELFISH / Ages: 4+

The student needs to be comfortable underwater. This class continues to develop breath control and learn basic freestyle swimming skills like arms movement, kicking independently and the introduction of rolling to take breathes. Students will swim at least 5-10 metres.


This class focuses on maintaining proper alignment while moving. Students will swim laps for the first time in a 25-meter pool, gaining confidence and independence while learning advanced propulsion skills like flutter kicks. We will introduce basic backstroke skills like back float and kicking on their backs.