Advanced Swimming

JELLYFISH – Length: 45 minutes (Ratio: 5:1)

Students needs to be able to swim one (1) width using a simple freestyle and backstroke. This 45-minute class focuses on developing fundamental freestyle and backstroke skills with dolphin kicks, body correction and pop-up breathing.

CLOWNFISH – Length: 60 minutes (Ratio: 6:1)

A 60-minute class in a 25-metre pool focuses on building endurance and strengthening the coordination of leg and arm movement and correct body position averaging 10-15 laps. Teachers will introduce breaststroke techniques when ready.

DOLPHIN – Length: 60 minutes (Ratio: 15:1)

Students will be taught basic stroke drills for technique improvement and will be introduced to basic endurance training as well as basic skills (dives, turns and finishes). Teachers will introduce butterfly techniques when ready.

SHARK – Length: 90 minutes (Ratio: 20:1)

This is a competitive swimming class. Students will be taught advanced stroke techniques, drills, endurance training and will be taught race techniques and strategies. Students will be taught advanced swimming skills (dives, turns and finishes).

To be in Shark Silver class, swimmers must be able to swim the four strokes for 50m.

To be in Shark Gold class, swimmers must be able to swim freestyle for 50m in 40 seconds & the four strokes for 100m.