Basketball Programme

In this dedicated sports class, children of all abilities and ages will learn the fundamental moves and skills of the game such as dribbling, passing and shooting whilst also having plenty of fun!

Players progress from learning fundamental movement and specific basketball skills to understanding more complex offensive and defensive tactical play. Players are able to develop at their own rate with more complex tactical concepts introduced once they are technically ready. To achieve maximum enjoyment, improvement and game understanding, match scenarios and game play are emphasized throughout all courses.

MINISTORM – U8/ Length: 60 minutes

U8s group is for children who show an interest in basketball and want to have a great time getting to know the game. The coaches use a wide variety of activities and games to teach players the basics of the game and prepare them for high-level performance in the future. For the children, it is just great fun.

LIGHTNING – U11 & U14/ Length: 90 minutes

The U11 & U14 team is the first chance for our young players to begin training for competition. The energetic coaches will focus on teaching the fundamentals as well as running games and activities. This group will also have the chance to play in friendly and competitive competitions. This is a great class for the beginner player as well as a challenge for those young players wanting to improve.