Swimming Program

AIS Kidzone Swimming Programs are led by experienced swimming coaches with national and international backgrounds in swimming. From the early ‘Waterbabies’ program to the Advanced Swimming classes, all programs are comprehensive and tailored to the individual. We always go the extra mile to offer a personalised program for each swimmer, as we believe in maximizing the potential of each individual. We acknowledge that each swimmer is an individual with unique skills and developmental needs and we strive to develop each swimmer’s confidence, respect and enthusiasm for the sport. Our aim is to promote swimming in the community by creating an atmosphere of excellence. We do this by providing comprehensive and high-quality swimming programs with a special emphasis on developing young swimmers according to their age group and needs. Our program is designed to develop discipline, technical skills and achieve the maximum potential of each swimmer in the sport. Moreover, we believe that our program will help to instill the lifetime values of sportsmanship and teamwork, through the discipline of swimming.