We are excited to deliver entry-level football classes at the Sports Centre. Open to boys & girls of all ability levels for each supported age group (U6 – U11), students will be fully immersed into the sport and technical method to develop the technical and physical characteristics of the players. Introduce basic tactical concepts and support their all-round mental, emotional and interpersonal growth. As entry-level football classes, all sessions will be delivered in a fun, active and game-oriented format.

  • U6/ Ages: 3-5        Length: 45 minutes

Students will learn an awareness of their own body in relation to space, to the ball and to team-mates. They will also learn about their capacity to express themselves without fear. Activation of the perceptive senses, development of attention span, listening, understanding are also covered. Base motor skills and coordination, recognising and trusting the coach and working as a team are developed in these sessions.

Parents are also actively encouraged to get involved. Features of the program are:

Fun Games • Enhancing Motor Skills • Teaching Mobility • Improving Cognitive Skills • Improving Movement, Awareness and Concentration • Having fun

  • U8/ Ages: 6-8        Length: 60 minutes

Consolidation of base motor skills and continuous development of coordination skills. Overcoming egocentrism and gaining sense of belonging to a group. Progressive sensitization with the ball and in particular ball control and shooting on goal are highlighted and participation and the pleasure of both individual and team challenges are a focus.

  • U11/ Ages: 9-11      Length: 60 minutes

Refinement of basic motor skills and the technical / tactical abilities of the child through situations of play in which the ability to cooperate between members of the group is required. Development game management with a view to the event and competitive activity.