Length: 30 minutes per class Ratio: 7:1

This program provides a fun and safe environment to develop the child’s confidence in and around water and the motor skills necessary to swim. Ensuring knowledge of water safety is the primary objective in all classes. Different games and activities including songs are utilised. The classes also support child parent interaction and enable the skills learnt in the class to be practised without supervision.

INFANTS / 6 months to 10 months

For those children who have never participated in a ‘Waterbabies’ session before, the infant program develops water confidence and safety for children, parents and caregivers. The children learn with the help of songs, games and water toys. An enjoyment of water is promoted.

WADDLERS/ 10 months to 18 months

The aim of this program is to further develop water confidence and safety for children, parents and caregivers. The children learn everything with the help of songs, games and water toys and are able to recognise colours and different shapes.

TODDLERS 1/ 18 months to 36 months

Water confidence and safety in the water with a focus on strengthening submerging, floating, gliding and kicking skills is promoted in this program. The children learn everything with the help of songs, games and water toys.  

TODDLERS 2 /- 30 months to 36 months

The children are encouraged to develop independence in submerging, floating, gliding and kicking, combining breath control and movement.

Tips for Waterbabies class:

  • Please inform the teacher of any medical issues that the student may have. This information is important for the instructor to be aware of and for the safety of yourself and others. 
  • Apply sun screen 20 minutes before your lesson.
  • The class involves the parent and child together. If the father joins the class, please wear a rash vest.
  • Make sure children use the toilet before entering the pool and wear the approved swimming nappies at all times if required.
  • Do not enter the water before your lesson, as the duration of the lesson is sufficient time for your child to be in the water.
  • If your child has diarrhoea or experienced such symptoms 2 days before the lesson, or is sick, please do not let them swim. 
  • If your child is suffering from a cold, don’t submerge them to deep depths (because of the pressure build-up in their ears)
  • To keep you and your child warm, keep your shoulders in the water.
  • To help keep your child warm we recommend that they wear a wetsuit style swimsuit.
  • If your child starts to shiver and get cold/lips turn blue, please do not hesitate to take them out of the water.
  • If your child is upset, please take them to one side and comfort them.  It sometimes takes a while for a child to get used to the pool and a new environment. When happier, you and your young one can re-join the lesson.
  • Always use a command before dunking your child under water e.g. name or 123
  • Pouring water over your child’s head while in the bath or taking them in the shower can help your child get used to water falling on their face. Encourage your child to blink and blow. Placing items on the bottom of your bath can help a child feel comfortable submerging their face in the water. 
  • Once the lesson is finished, give your child a shower.
  • When the lesson finishes, please leave the pool so the next lesson can take place.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the officer at the end of the lesson.